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International Business


International Business in an Accelerated VUCA World: Trends, Disruptions, and Coping Strategies

by S. Tamer Cavusgil, Sebastian van der Vegt, Mourad Dakhli, Salomao De Farias, Evaristo F. Doria, Sevgin Eroglu, Leigh Anne Liu, Edward Yihuai Wang

It is clear that the current business environment has changed fundamentally over the past several years. Major transformations were well underway prior to the...

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Rising on the Storm: A Comparison of the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and New Ventures During and Before the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Monserrat Garcia, Joanna Poz-Molesky, Can Uslay, Ekaterina (Kate) Karniouchina

This study examines unique characteristics of newly-minted businesses and outlines emerging challenges for starting a new business during a pandemic.

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Businesspeople wearing masks in the office for safety during COVID-19 pandemic




Proactive Growth Management: A Bottleneck Approach in Strategic Practice

by Grant Lahring, Kanhaiya Sinha, Oleksiy Osiyevskyy

Today’s market environment puts constant pressure on managers to achieve and maintain continuous business growth in terms of new clients, revenue, market share...

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Supply Chain Management


Why is Managing Capacity So Difficult? Main Challenges and Solutions

by Melda Ormeci Matoglu

In today’s supply chains, there are a lot of uncertainty. The proliferation of products, build-to-order, shorter order-to-delivery cycles, and increased...

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Business is War: Military Literature and Strategic Management’s Future

by Guillaume Desjardins, Sophie Marineau, Anthony M. Gould

Orthodox theorists often unwittingly invoke military language when writing about business-related phenomena. This paper has two objectives. First, it...

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Human Resources

Managers, Don’t Be Afraid to Trust!

by Marc A. Cohen, Mathew S. Isaac

Many companies monitor employee behavior in order to boost productivity, and this practice has become increasingly prevalent during the pandemic. However...

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Consumer Behavior

Rationality Is Overrated: Brand Choice Is Largely Intuitive

by Francisco J. Quevedo, Pradeep Gopalakrishna

Brand choice is not strictly rational, yet brands keep pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into rational, attribute-based advertising. This research paper...

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Consumer Behavior

Imagine That! Stimulating Consumers’ Imagination for Scented Product Omnichannel Success

by Hua (Meg) Meng, César Zamudio, Robert D. Jewell

Distribution channels for scented products rarely interact. Consumers either smell and buy scented products in store or purchase them online without smelling...

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Culture Clash and the Failure of the AT&T/Time Warner Merger

by Victor Glass

This paper uses the failed AT&T/Time Warner merger as a case study to show that mergers between companies with markedly different cultures are likely to fail.


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The Little Rice Recipe for Continuous Business Growth in an Emerging Economy

by Neeraj Kumar Kesharbani, Rohit Kumar, Manash Jyoti Borah

Achieving "continuous business growth" amidst high competition is challenging for a young company. However, Xiaomi India did it with the philosophy of...

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Executive Insights: An Interview with Brian Goehring, Associate Partner, AI Research Lead at the IBM Institute for Business Value

by Amod Choudhary

An interview with Brian Goehring, Associate Partner, AI Research Lead at IBM Institute for Business Value. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become all pervasive...

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