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International Business

Supply Chain Management

Thousands of Hindu Gods – Made in China. Seven Reasons Why India’s Manufacturing Competitiveness Lags China’s

by Farok Contractor

Despite a supply chain extending 7,367 kilometers, and Chinese labor costs that significantly exceed those in India, thousands of Hindu gods are manufactured in...

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The Taj Mahal

Supply Chain Management

The Logistics Managers’ Index

by Zachary Rogers, Dale Rogers, Rudolf Leuschner

Over the past 18 months, a group of supply chain researchers, in conjunction with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Supply Chain...

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Man taping boxes in warehouse

Social Behavior

If I Share What I Know, Will You Listen? The Role of Personality and Rewards in Information Sharing and Group Decision Making

by Janice Francis Super, Pingshu Li, Ghadir Ishqaidef, James Guthrie

The authors examine underlying motivations for individuals to share information during a group decision making exercise. Focusing on two specific types of...

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Hands being raised in a classroom setting

Human Resources

Social Behavior

Curbing, Not Rewarding, Jerk Behaviors on the Job

by Dejun Tony Kong, Betsy Gelb

Are more "jerk" behaviors on the part of employees associated with more promotions for those same employees? Yes, says a study of business school alumni...

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Boss yelling at employees through megaphone


Business Leadership for the Management Consulting Industry: A New Model for the Greater Good

by Bart Tkaczyk

The article advances a new management consultancy competency model. It identifies five critical enterprise capabilities that make growth possible – that...

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Man consulting with 3 clients on project



Creating and Sustaining an Agile Organization: The Impact of the Digital Economy

by Rob Bogosian

The Digital economy is here to stay. Digitization innovations are disruptive to current business models, creating new business opportunities and challenging...

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A globe covered by a technology network on a tablet

Supply Chain Management


Executive Insights: An Interview with Evren Ozkaya, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Supply Chain Wizard

by Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt, Can Uslay

We interviewed Evren Ozkaya, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Supply Chain Wizard, LLC. As a supply chain management consultant, he told us about the key...

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Evren Ozkaya and the Supply Chain Wizard logo

Consumer Behavior

Internet of Things

Executive Insights: An Interview with Joseph Stinziano, EVP Consumer Electronics & Enterprise IT at Samsung Electronics America

by Can Uslay, Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt

We discussed the current business environment and recent developments with Joseph Stinziano, the Executive Vice President of Consumer Electronics & Enterprise...

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Joseph Stinziano and the Samsung logo

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