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We interviewed Evren Ozkaya, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Supply Chain Wizard, LLC. As a supply chain management consultant, he told us about the key turning points in his career and the latest developments in the supply chain management domain and in the pharmaceutical industry. He discusses the shift towards digitalization, new regulations that require track and traceability at the unit level, the benefits of having a digital supply chain, as well as the barriers that stop companies from having one. He explains the characteristics he looks for in recent graduates and the skills necessary to be a successful professional, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Executive's Bio

Evren Ozkaya is the Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, a management and technology consulting firm headquartered in Princeton, NJ, helping Pharmaceutical companies establish and execute cost-effective serialization / Track & Trace programs, as well as serving broader manufacturing industries with their supply chain strategy & optimization programs. Dr. Ozkaya pioneers and advocates the digital transformation journey for Pharma industry, by designing and developing software solutions to enable data-driven decision making and by authoring articles and presenting client case studies in more than 20 conferences per year around the world. Dr. Ozkaya received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with his award-winning thesis on Demand Management in Global Supply Chains. Prior to Supply Chain Wizard, Dr. Ozkaya established the Global Track & Trace Program at Sandoz (a Novartis company) and led multiple implementation projects in Americas, Europe and Asia addressing all active serialization legislations.  He also led a supply chain transformation program at Sandoz North America. Before joining Sandoz / Novartis, Dr. Ozkaya worked for McKinsey and Company in Americas Operations Practice as a management consultant serving various industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, industrial, logistics and private equity, helping clients in broader operational strategy, transformation and capability building topics.


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