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International Business


What Is at Stake in China-US Relations? An Estimate of Jobs and Money Involved in the Bilateral Economic Tie

by Farok Contractor

Alarm bells are ringing about President Donald Trump’s pronouncements against China as well as his threats to impose a 45% tariff against Chinese imports after...

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Flags for The United States and China

Consumer Behavior

The Six Faces of Value Co-creation: A Field Guide for Executives

by Kumar Rakesh Ranjan, Stuart Read

How can firms best engage customers to co-create value? A surge in academic and practical interest around this question of value co-creation (VCC) highlights...

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Supply Chain Management


When One Size Must Fit All: How a Large MNC Centralized Its Purchasing

by Sudipa Sarker, Arash Azadegan, Paolo Trucco

In a world where customization has become commonplace, can companies still standardize their purchasing practices? The increasingly complicated and globalized...

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Consumer Behavior


Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling: Which Labels Benefit Consumers the Most and Why Do They Help?

by Christopher Newman, Elizabeth Howlett, Scot Burton

Consumers are increasingly exposed to nutrition and health information on food packages. In particular, front-of-package (FOP) nutrition labeling has become a...

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Consumer Behavior

Quest for the Grail: Measuring the Incremental Influence of Promotions in a Digital Big Data World

by Jim Sprigg

Despite the prevalence and variety of attribution methods, there are no strong substitutes for controlled experiments when trying to measure the causal impact...

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Stream of data


Government-Funded Basic Research: What’s in It for Firms?

by Klaus Prettner, Katharina Werner

We rely on previous research and highlight the subtle pathways by which state-funded basic research has the potential to affect economic growth and livings...

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Business Services

Reregulation of Business Data Services

by Victor Glass, Timothy Tardiff

This article describes recent regulatory developments for business data services. This is a huge market estimated to be between $45- and $75 billion, dominated...

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Telecommunications tower


Human Resources

How to Learn From Failure. Organizational Creativity, Learning, Innovation and the Benefit of Failure

by Riccardo Leoncini

There are many aspects of failure that could be of value to the organization performance. Failures are results that do not confirm previous expectations and...

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Building Closer Economic Ties between China and Africa: Small Traders Operating in China

by Gido Mapunda, Xiaohui Wang, Denis Anthony O’Malley, John Benson, Ying Zhu

There are an increasing number of small African traders operating business in China and developing the “China-Africa Supply Chain.” While this has contributed...

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Map of Africa


The Sustainability Advantage: The Positive Effect of a Sustainability Orientation on Online Funding Success

by Goran Calic

With the needs of social entrepreneurs being unmet or underserved by traditional capital markets, crowdfunding offers a distinct avenue for acquiring resources...

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Understanding Religious Diversity in Management

by Adam Cohen, Joseph Barbour

Can managers afford to be oblivious to the religious commitments of their employees, or is religion an important factor in management? Are all religions the...

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Management and Regulatory Focus: Three New Domains of Application

by James Cornwell, E. Tory Higgins

This article highlights practical applications for managers and leaders of organizations stemming from recent research on regulatory focus theory. Research has...

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Law book

Social Behavior


Social Exclusion Stimulates Product and Brand Switching

by Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhansheng Chen, Nathan Dewall

The days of complete customer loyalty are over, and understanding consumer switching behavior is a new horizon in retailing and branding. In our recent work, we...

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Impact Index


The Rutgers Business School Payment Practices Index for the U.S. Retail Industry

by Rudolf Leuschner, Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt

The Center for Market Advantage presents the Rutgers Business School Payment Practices Index for the U.S. retail industry. The Payment Practices Index surveys...

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