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Empowering Business Students: The Rise of Experiential Learning, Collaborative Mentoring, and Data Science

by Lei Lei, Can Uslay, Jaideep Vaidya

The core mission of public business schools has significantly expanded given the unprecedented challenges that we face today. Public Business schools, in...

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The Varying Role of Digital Media on Angels and Venture Capitalists

by Michael Obal, Atthaphon Mumi, Rangapriya (Priya) Kannan

How do different investors utilize digital resources to determine which new firms they should invest in? To address this question, we utilize a database of...

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Consumer Behavior

The 5-Ps of Fundraising: Lessons from Consumer Behavior to Non-Profit Marketing

by Francisco J. Quevedo, Kobi Lee

The Non-Profit Sector contributes almost $1 trillion to the US economy, representing 5.4% of GDP and generating over 12 million jobs. Nonprofits have become...

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Supply Chain Management

From Offshoring to Reshoring: The Pendulum Swings

by Abdul A. Rasheed, Spencer Fraseur

After decades of offshoring, many US companies are reshoring their manufacturing operations back to their home country. We identify the various hidden costs of...

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Welding Robots And Conveyor Belt In Automated Factory

Emerging Markets

International Business

New Economic Directions in China under the New Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities with Global Implications

by Ying Zhu, S. Tamer Cavusgil

China just concluded its 14th National People’s Congress under the third term of President Xi Jinping and a new leadership team led by Premier Li Qiang. This...

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Would CRED Blitzscale Successfully? The Story of an Indian Fintech Unicorn

by Madhu Mandal

The Indian fintech unicorn, CRED, is scaling up at an uncomfortable lightning speed in an uncertain environment. This article critically examines CRED by...

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New Trends: Looking at the Future of the Fashion and Luxury Industry in the Post-Pandemic World

by Neri Karra Sillaman

Pre-pandemic, the fashion and luxury industry was worth over $3 trillion. Following a significant overall contraction in 2019–21, 2022 witnessed an industry...

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Walking the Talk of Sustainability Practices: The Case of Lush Retail Ltd.

by Deepanjana Varshney, Yousr Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

The shift of the consumer focus to organic, pure and preferably sustainable-oriented beauty products has been a massive trend in recent years. Organic cosmetic...

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