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International Business


What Do We Mean by Undervalued or Overvalued Currencies?

by Farok Contractor

This article explains currency overvaluation and undervaluation and reveals the means through which currency valuation can be measured.

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The Chinese Yuan symbol

International Business


Lottie Dottie Chicken Goes International: How the Brazilian Creative Industry Expands Internationally via Licensing

by Maria Luiza Carvalho de Aguillar Pinho, Celso Roberto de Aguillar Pinho

Firms from the Brazilian creative industry have exhibited remarkable success in marketing their offerings to international audiences.

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Countries of the world with a jigsaw pattern



GE and Alphabet: A Tale of Two Conglomerates

by Rajeswarao Chaganti

GE, an American icon, is a falling giant, and Alphabet, of Silicon Valley, is a rising one. In this paper, we review writings on the organizational structure of...

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Big Data

How Big Data Can Transform Outcomes and Opportunities

by Betsy Gelb, Deva Rangarajan, Heli Hallikainen, Tommi Laukkanen

The increasing use of “big data” -- large, multi-dimensional and quickly-changing datasets -- prompted this research, depth interviews that explore how big data...

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A lock over data

Consumer Behavior


Group Marketing Strategies – Design, Implementation, and Measurement

by Jonathan Zhang

In the age of connected customers, organizations are increasingly devoted to social and group marketing. In doing so, firms need to consider not only...

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Strategic Business Location Decisions: Importance of Economic Factors and Place Image

by Ashutosh Dixit, Candice Clouse, Nazli Turken

Our research provides a novel perspective by examining the effect of both economic factors and non-economic factors such as place image on business location...

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