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Firms from the Brazilian creative industry have exhibited remarkable success in marketing their offerings to international audiences. Initially catering to domestic market opportunities, they spread their animation characters abroad. What accounts for their international expansion ambitions? What is unique to their internationalization strategies? Based on empirical data, we review their success stories, revealing lessons learned and key success factors in their expansion. The paper provides a unique contribution for firms in the entertainment and media industry from any country to find their golden egg.

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Maria Luiza Carvalho de Aguillar Pinho

Maria Luiza Carvalho de Aguillar Pinho

Georgia State University

Maria Luiza Pinho is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Marketing at the Institute of International Business at J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University, where she has been a Research Scholar and Instructor since 2018. She is also a...

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Celso Roberto de Aguillar Pinho

Celso Roberto de Aguillar Pinho

Georgia State University

Celso R.A. Pinho, a native of Brazil, is a doctoral student in marketing with a specialization in International Business and a Graduate Research Assistant at J. Mack Robinson College of Business of Georgia State University. His research focuses on how entrepreneurs from...

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