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International Business

Ten Quick Facts about US Trade: Deficits and Discords

by Farok Contractor

Acting on his campaign rhetoric that China is “raping our country,” Donald Trump recently announced additional tariffs on $ 200 billion of Chinese imports. This...

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Human Resources

Employee Silence Is Not Always Consent

by Rob Bogosian, James Stefanchin

This article explores the relationship between (employee) silence and knowledge transfer, which has not been adequately examined. Employee silence is the...

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The Need for Policy Focused Finance Research

by Murad Antia

A shift in the focus of finance research is needed so that it can benefit society. Practitioner-oriented journals should take the lead by proactively asking...

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We Are One Terrorist Attack Away from A Major Nationwide Blackout: What Should We Do?

by Ephram Glass, Victor Glass

Securing critical infrastructure from sophisticated cyber and physical attacks is a top national priority. As recent attacks on the Ukraine electric grid and...

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Fashion Merchandisers’ Slash and Burn Dilemma: A Consequence of Over Production and Excessive Waste?

by Elizabeth Napier, Francesca Sanguineti

Luxury merchandisers are burning unsold merchandise valued over $600 million each year. Destroying clothing is a common practice amongst fashion merchandisers...

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Impact Index

The 2018 Rutgers Business School General Impact Index for Business Journals

by Omer Cem Kutlubay, Serdar Yayla, Sevincgul Ulu, Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt

We present the 2018 Rutgers Business School (RBS) General Impact Index for business journals. The index has been updated using journal citation data from the...

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