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The State of Business Education and Research - Perspectives from Educational Leaders around the Globe

by Cüneyt Evirgen, Lei Lei, Peter Moizer, Richard Phillips, Barbara Stöttinger, Marie Wilson

What changes are affecting business education today? How are business schools responding to challenges and opportunities of the contemporary environment? We...

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Rutgers Business School Undergraduate Dean speaking with students



Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: Methods, Policies, and Ethics

by Farok Contractor

This article outlines seven tax-avoidance techniques used by multinational corporations (MNCs) and the government policies that enable them, followed by a...

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Different currency

International Business


Migrants and the Foreign Expansion of Firms

by Pallavi Shukla, John Cantwell

Firms seeking to expand across borders look for advantages offered by the foreign location in conjunction with their own capabilities. Migrants by virtue of...

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Virtual map



The Internet as a Telecommunications Service: Framing the Legal Issues and Business Strategies

by Victor Glass

This article describes the path leading to the FCC’s decision to regulate the Internet, the legal battle that has ensued, the positions of interested parties...

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Parcel postal rates


The Case for Product Placement

by Ekaterina (Kate) Karniouchina, Can Uslay, Grigori Erenburg

The authors expand on the managerial implications of research that examines the economic value of product placements in movies over four decades. In an event...

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Coca cola can and sun glasses

International Business

Human Resources

Global Project Teams: A Practitioner’s Guide to the 5 Competencies Needed for Success

by John Riesenberger

Today’s global organizations operate in a complex, fast-paced and unsure business environment. Much of today’s work requires cross-functional and transnational...

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Globe in someone's hands

Consumer Behavior


When (Firsthand) Experience Matters less than You Expect: The Influence of Advertising on Repurchase Decisions

by Mathew S. Isaac, Morgan Poor

Although it is well-established that advertising can build awareness and stimulate product adoption, it is less clear how advertisements (or other secondhand...

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New York Time Square

Social Behavior


Shaping the Future: The New Social Ecosystem

by Mark Burgess

The social ecosystem model provides an effective organizational blueprint for social media adoption. Because social media marketing is inherently advocacy-based...

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Social Ecosystem

Social Media

Periscope’s Dawn: Up or Down?

by Ashley Moffitt, Can Uslay

Fledgling social media platform Periscope has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the acquisition and global support by Twitter in 2015. Yet in 2016, its...

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Impact Index

The Rutgers Business School General Impact Index for Business Journals

by Serdar Yayla, Omer Cem Kutlubay, Sengun (Shen) Yeniyurt

We present the Rutgers Business School (RBS) General Impact Index for business journals. The RBS General Impact Index is intended to measure the extent to which...

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