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Barry Berman

Barry Berman

Hofstra University

Barry Berman is the Walter H. ‘Bud’ Miller Distinguished Professor of Business and E.M.B.A. program director at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business. Over a million people have read Dr. Berman’s books. He is co-author of Retail Management: A Strategic Approach, 13th edition (Pearson) and Marketing in the 21st Century, 12th edition (Textbook Media Press). Retail Management has appeared in Indian, Russian, and Canadian editions. He is also author of Competing in Tough Times (Financial Times Press). Berman’s articles on service guarantees, referral marketing, gray marketing, competing with low cost competitors, product safety, counterfeiting, customer loyalty, product proliferation, customer delight, mass customization, yield management pricing, and data mining have been published by a wide range of journals and professional publications, including Business Horizons, California Management Review, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Education, and the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management.


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