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A consumer purchase map details the decision paths and key interactions customers encounter with a firm or brand as they move throughout the purchase process. This article details a seven-step process that channel members can use to better plan and implement customer journey mapping: (1) developing an organization unit to manage the consumer purchase journey mapping process; (2) mapping touch and interaction points; (3) identifying the characteristics of effective journeys; (4) using maps to identify and reach specific target markets; (5) measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience through consumer purchase journey mapping; (6) quantifying the benefits and costs of journey mapping and (7) avoiding pitfalls in planning and implementing purchase journey mapping.

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Barry Berman

Barry Berman

Hofstra University

Barry Berman is the Walter H. ‘Bud’ Miller Distinguished Professor of Business and E.M.B.A. program director at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business. Over a million people have read Dr. Berman’s books. He is co-author of Retail Management: A Strategic Approach...

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