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Traditional markets such as the U.S. and Europe provide limited growth opportunities to Western companies due to the market saturation and shrinking middle-class. Thus, targeting middle-class in emerging markets increases profit and growth opportunities. In this context, Brazil is one of the most promising emerging markets regarding the size of the middle-class. In this paper, we examine opportunities and challenges of doing business in Brazil. We discuss the size and progress of the Brazilian middle-class based on the results of Georgia State University CIBER Middle-class Scorecard. Moreover, we highlight responses of some Brazilian companies to the economic crisis and propose six strategies for multinationals to exploit market opportunities in Brazil.

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Ilke Kardes

Ilke Kardes

Valdosta State University

Ilke Kardes is an Assistant Professor of Marketing & International Business at Valdosta State University. Dr. Kardes worked as a Faculty and Research Director at Georgia State University from 2014 to 2017. Her responsibilities included teaching classes in International...

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Gabriel Vouga Chueke

Gabriel Vouga Chueke

Brazilian Multinationals Observatory

Gabriel Vouga Chueke is the founder and coordinator of the Brazilian Multinationals Observatory, a research center engaged in generating and disseminating knowledge about Brazilian FDI worldwide. Gabriel holds a Master in International Management by ESPM (Brazil) and...

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