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Rob Bogosian

Rob Bogosian

George Washington University, USA

Rob Bogosian is the co-author of Breaking Corporate Silence and has been featured in Business Insider, Rutgers University Business Journal, Academy of International Business, CNN Money, Fortune Magazine, CEO Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. The firm offers a range of performance management and culture-shaping expertise focused on linking management and leadership development to business strategy. Areas of specialization include: Global Enterprise-wide Leadership Development Design, Implementation, and Measurement, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Executive Leadership Development, Shaping and Sustaining Cultures of Voice, M & A Culture Integration, and Talent Effectiveness Strategies. Rob is an Executive Talent Development consultant at ODP Corporation and was the founder of RVB Associates, a talent and organizational effectiveness consultancy. Prior to establishing RVB Associates, Rob was Vice President of Performance Development at Wachovia Corporation (a Wells Fargo company). Rob holds a doctoral degree in human and organizational learning from The George Washington University, Washington, DC, a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Organizational Development from Leslie University, Graduate School of Management, Cambridge, MA, an M.Ed. from Boston University, Boston, MA, and a B.S.B.A. degree in Finance from Suffolk University, Boston, MA. Dr. Bogosian is Adjunct Faculty at George Washington University, Organizational Leadership & Learning Graduate Program, Washington, DC, and Florida Atlantic University, Executive MBA Program, Boca Raton, FL.

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