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Gido Mapunda

Gido Mapunda

University of South Australia

Gido Mapunda has worked as a course coordinator and a Program Director at the School of Management, University of South Australia, Australia. He was born in Tanzania where went to school and obtained his undergraduate degree in Public Administration. Later on he migrated to Australia where he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Melbourne State College, a Master’s degree in Administration from Monash University, Melbourne and a PhD from RMIT University, Melbourne. He has more than 25 years tertiary teaching experience in Australia and overseas - Africa, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

His research interests include management and leadership in developing nations, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership in emerging markets, social entrepreneurship, integrity and governance in emerging market, Global Chinese socio-economic influence with a focus on Sub-Sahara Africa. China is establishing pivotal socio-economic and cultural relationships with countries across Africa. These relationships are good and beneficial for china and the host countries. However, they are not without challenges – this is where researchers can make a contribution. He is committed to educational research that is about real people with real problems–research that is about making a positive difference to people’s economic wellbeing and social advancement. All of the above is relevant.

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