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Anthony M. Gould

Anthony M. Gould

Université Laval, Canada; Monash University, Australia; Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Anthony M. Gould PhD is Professeur titulaire of employment relations at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada and Editor-in-Chief of the scholarly journal Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations, the longest-running periodical of its kind. Concurrently he is a long-term visiting professor at leading universities and research centers in Australia, Europe and the Middle East, sits on the editorial committees of top-ranked scholarly journals and maintains institutional consulting relationships throughout the world. Between June 2022 and June 2024, Anthony authored 12 peer-reviewed articles (always with the help of talented and generous colleagues). This corpus is published mostly in elite journals including (for example) the Academy of Management Learning and Education, the Journal of Business Research, Business Research Quarterly, Business Strategy and the Environment, Leadership Quarterly, Sociological Methods and Research, the American Economist and the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Anthony is the founder and executive chairman of World Environmental Solutions, now with commercial operations in 17 countries.


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