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What are the strategic questions confronting Goldman Sachs in the wake of the Great Recession? Goldman Sachs has been considered the most prestigious investment banking firm on Wall Street. Since September 2008, Goldman operates as a bank holding company and financial holding company regulated by the Federal Reserve. It gives advice on how to achieve long-term financial goals in times of both prosperity and crisis. This case reveals how Goldman Sachs became the quintessential global firm for the current period, which combines both growth and weaknesses. It further argues that Goldman Sachs has adopted innovative strategies one step ahead of its competitors, thus surviving the worst of times and redefining the traditional investment banking field.

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Mine Doyran

Mine Doyran

Mine Doyran teaches principles of management, strategic management, business statistics and economics at Lehman College/CUNY and Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY in New York City. Her research interests include financial and strategic management with a specific...

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