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Zhansheng Chen

Zhansheng Chen

University of Hong Kong

Zhansheng Chen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Chen obtained his PhD in social psychology from Purdue University, M.Ed. in educational psychology from South China Normal University and B.S. in B.S. in Applied Psychology from Beijing Normal University.

His research focuses on aggression and morality. He tests how interpersonal factors (e.g., ostracism/social exclusion, objectification), community contexts (e.g., crowding, money prime), and societal level factors (e.g., social class, social inequality) contribute to aggression and unethical behaviors. His research has been published in the leading academic journals such as Psychological Science, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. His research has also been covered by media outlets such as BBC News, Science Daily, China Daily, and South China Morning Post.

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