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Yousr Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

Yousr Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

City University Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Yousr Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed is a Sudanese employee of Lush residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a management student at City University Ajman, UAE. She has been working at Lush Cosmetics for the past three years. Ms Ahmed deeply understands how a company can apply business ethics and social responsibility in real-life scenarios. In her current position as the Junior Sales Supervisor at Lush, she has received first-hand experience in understanding how the company can apply business ethics and social responsibility initiatives in real-life scenarios and make a difference in the community. Moreover, she has always been inspired by Lush for its responsible practices and also as an exemplary example of demonstrating that sustainable practices are doable if the intentions are appropriate. In her present leadership position, she is trying to set up aspirational team management and customer service practices to reach standards of excellence.

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