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Ying Zhu

Ying Zhu, PhD

University of South Australia

Professor Ying Zhu is the Director of the Australia Centre for Asian Business at the University of South Australia - which aims to broaden the Australian understanding of the diverse Asian business environment - and views the study of Asian business and management as an issue of international importance given the significance of these economies to international trading relations and economic prosperity. Professor Zhu draws on his business expertise, bilingual language capabilities and strong industry links to assist organizations to develop business synergies with their Asian counterparts.

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Entrepreneurial Motivation, Environmental Influences and Short-Term Orientation Among Chinese Digital Start-Ups

by Ying Zhu, S. Tamer Cavusgil, Zhixing Xu, Jingting Liu

Contemporary Chinese digital start-up enterprises present new realities rarely seen in other countries with rapid growth over a very short period.

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Building Closer Economic Ties between China and Africa: Small Traders Operating in China

by Gido Mapunda, Xiaohui Wang, Denis Anthony O’Malley, John Benson, Ying Zhu

There are an increasing number of small African traders operating business in China and developing the “China-Africa Supply Chain.” While this has contributed...

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