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Iana Shaheen

Iana Shaheen

University of South Florida

Iana Shaheen (Lukina) is a 3rd year Ph.D. student at the University of South Florida. Her key research interests include supply chain disruptions, leadership, sustainability, and disaster relief management. She has been involved with several projects regarding product returns, leadership, and transportation logistics. Iana’s research is accepted for presentation at several major Conferences, including Production and Operations Management Society, Academy of Management, Academy of Marketing Science, LogiPharma, and Decision Sciences in 2017. In collaboration with Dr. Arash Azadegan and Dr. Rob Hooker, Iana has a proceeding at Academy of Management titled “Leadership in the Face of Major Supply Chain Disruptions: Differentiating between Baseline and Contextual Traits.” She currently has an article under review at Journal of Business Logistics.

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