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Francesca Sanguineti

Francesca Sanguineti

University of Pavia

Francesca Sanguineti is a third-year doctoral student from the University of Pavia, Italy. After having occupied managerial roles in the retail fashion industry, she decided to pursue a career in research and academia and began her Ph.D. studies in Applied Economics and Management. Her research interest fields are International Business and International Entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on entrepreneurial exit, fashion, and family business. During her second year, she spent a semester at Georgia State University in CIBER as a visiting scholar. Here, she had the opportunity to participate in doctoral seminars and workshops, share experiences with insightful colleagues, structure her dissertation thesis, and learn from renowned international scholars. She loves traveling and getting to know other cultures. Her optimistic personality, coupled with a problem-solving attitude, help her to get the best out of every situation.

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