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Doug Strub

Doug Strub

The National Bureau of Asian Research

Doug Strub is Assistant Director with the Center for Innovation, Trade, and Strategy at NBR. Mr. Strub manages and supports research for Trade Center projects focusing on Asian economic, trade, innovation, and intellectual property policy issues. He served as co-editor of the NBR Special Report “China’s Digital Ambitions: A Global Strategy to Supplant the Liberal Order,” and authored the introduction to the “Navigating China’s Growing Digital Influence” roundtable in Asia Policy (vol. 16, no.2). Prior to joining NBR, Mr. Strub spent five years in China working for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, writing reports for the World Bank in Beijing, and studying Mandarin in Guilin and Wuhan. He received his MA in International Affairs from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.


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