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The recent Camp Fire in California demonstrates that aside from being energy inefficient, homes in the United States are particularly vulnerable to wildfires. While energy efficiency may slow the increase in destructive fires, it’s clear we must improve wildfire building survivability. Few Americans realize that Europeans have been using materials in their buildings that make them both more energy efficient and significantly better protected against fires than standard American buildings. On top of this, European construction methods produce buildings that cost significantly less over their lifetimes than buildings in the U.S. It’s time the United States embraced these modern building materials and techniques by changing building codes to jumpstart their use in this country, especially in areas where wildfires often occur.

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Ephram Glass

Ephram Glass

Managing Consultant

Ephram Glass is an independent utility consultant specializing in smart grid services and enterprise asset management. In his thirteen years in the industry, he has worked on load growth planning, renewable energy and demand response regulatory affairs, generator...

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Victor Glass

Victor Glass

Rutgers Business School

Victor Glass is Director, CRRI Scholar, and Professor of Professional Practice - Finance and Economics, Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick, Rutgers University. Prior to joining Rutgers, Dr. Glass was Director of Demand Forecasting and Rate Development at...

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